Friday, October 14, 2005

Rule 1: you can be kinda old dead...

Charles Bukowski was born in 1920 and died in 1994 and appeared in the Best American Poetry 2005 (p.25) not, I suppose, because guest editor Paul Muldoon thinks the poem particularly good as poetry. I think it was instead because Muldoon likes what Bukowski says about poetry movements:
and all the gatherings
and tenderings of
proclamations toward the
had very little
to do
with anything.
and university poetry lecturers:
from the sad university
these hucksters of the
despoiled word
working the
still talking that
dumb shit.
Rule 15: you can get a marginal piece past the editors if you say something they're dying to say. Conversely, imagine just how marvelous a poem you would have had to have written to get a pro-Bush, pro-war piece past Lyn Hejinian for last year's BAP.


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